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User Management System

Email: super_admin@atique-it.com

Password: demo

Email: admin@atique-it.com

Password: demo

Email: user@atique-it.com

Password: demo

Note: For security purpose, some features was disabled.


  • Public profiles

  • Captcha integration

  • Custom user profiles

  • Forgotten password reset

  • My Account (“Settings”) page

  • Modal forgotten password screen

  • Email activation – Avoid false signup!

  • View timestamps when users login

  • Automatic HTML5 & PHP field validation

  • Reliable and secure MySQL database backend

  • Multiple user levels per user (Admin, Special, User)

  • User can upload their own avatar (can be disabled in admin panel)

  • Social icons used to link to your other sites and sections

  • Extremely easy to integrate! Just run our Install Wizard

  • Login expiration – Control default time before a user is logged out

  • Each can be disabled in the admin panel if you do not need them to be displayed

  • Auto Pagination

  • Users can delete mail

  • Auto Sortable columns

  • Add new user manually

  • View list of user levels

  • Search through all users

  • Reset any user’s password

  • Edit any user’s level or access

  • Integrated FREE Simple Contact Form

  • View list of recently registered users

  • Get notifications when you receive new mail

  • Supper admin can change site name, site email and site logo

  • Mailbox System allows users on your system to send messages to each other

  • Block list & Suspend list allows users to block other users from contacting them

  • Customize the access, denied, register, forget password, activation link messages